The Wildrose Party released its election platform on Monday but its campaign bus is what has people doing a double take.

The placement or misplacement of Danielle Smith's photo quickly gained traction online.

The leader's portrait covers the side of the bus above the tires and has attracted tweets from across the country.

The Wildrose Party became a nationally trending topic after people got a look at the picture of the bus.

"The positive is it goes viral and there are exponentially more people who know that Wildrose launched their bus today than normally would happen the negative is first impression matters a lot ," said David Finch, Marketing Professor, Mount Royal University. "It's shocking that something like this would make it through the process."

The Wildrose says a few staffers did flag the photo before the bus was publically revealed but didn't think it would be a big deal.

"Someone suggested we send a picture of it to Leno and Letterman so we could get major international attention, in addition to national attention. I think it's unfortunate if it becomes a distracting issue for the campaign but I think it's beneficial bringing attention to the fact that as an opposition party in Alberta we've got a full campaign bus ready to go for the election," said Shannon Stubbs from the Wildrose Party.

Danielle Smith was among those who got a chuckle out of the fallout, tweeting "Glad to see everyone is so interested in our bus ;) Guess we'll have to make a couple of changes huh?"

The party says they are sending the bus back for a new paint job.