A young mother is running out of time to find a home for her family.

She’s one of the many Calgarians caught in the housing crunch.

Katrina Hatch has four young sons, including her twin boys who have been in the Alberta Children’s Hospital since they were born 15 months ago.

Hatch is from Red Deer, but she has been living at Ronald McDonald house for the past year however, one twin was released a few months ago and the second twin is coming home soon. 

That means Hatch needs to find a place to live in Calgary. 

She can’t stay at Ronald McDonald house once both babies are discharged, but she still needs to be near the hospital for ongoing treatment.

Hatch said she is “overwhelmed, I tried so hard to keep my boys alive and together.  It’s just hurdle after hurdle.”

Hatch said she has been looking for a place to rent for the past three months, but has had no luck.

She said "we've exhausted every resource and we're facing being homeless."

Rick Farrell from the Calgary Housing Company says the City of Calgary owned corporation operates 10,000 subsidized and affordable housing units but that is not enough to keep up with demand.

Farrell said “absolutely there's a shortage in this market. Unfortunately as much as sometimes bad markets bring affordable housing problems so do really good markets. We're in a situation where we're attracting a lot of people to the City of Calgary and we just can't keep up with the demand.”