CALGARY -- The Youth Singers of Calgary have modified their studios for the pandemic, preparing for student classes both in person and online. Updating live streaming technology will allows for the popular arts organization to present home instruction and lessons for students.

They have to, because when it comes to COVID-19, singing is a symptom waiting to happen.

“We haven’t gotten the go ahead to sing in person again yet,” said Alida Lowe, Director of Program Production and Touring.

“It’s a really big challenge for every choir," she added. "Everybody is dealing with how we can be together and make music when we can’t actually do it in the same space.”

Singing instructions will take place online while the imaginative choreography the organization is known for will be able to be done in studio - with a few safety measures added.

That means separate entrances and exits have been marked. There's clearly marked spacing throughout the building. Streaming capabilities enable the choral directors to sing with the students for instruction.

If a student has to isolate or quarantine the online sessions will keep the students engaged.