Big screen effects will now look and feel a little more real at Scotiabank Theatre Chinook thanks to 4DX.

In addition to high quality images, viewers will now be immersed into movies with chairs that roll and pitch, synced to what they’re watching.

But the real difference that will change the movie-watching experience is immersive, multi-sensory effects that include water, wind, lighting and scent.

Those combined with the motion seats makes the viewer feel like they’re part of the action.

Scotiabank Theatre Chinook is the second Cineplex facility in Canada to adopt the new technology, with a Toronto theatre being the first.

A fog feature will make explosions and smoke come into reality.

Lightning effects, flashes combined with thunder, puts the customer in the middle of a storm.

And at times, bubbles or artificial snow will float through the auditorium to create a fantastic atmosphere.

A variety of fragrant scents released are another sensory enhancement for the movie watcher.

Headquartered in Toronto, Cineplex operates 164 theatres with 1,676 screens from coast-to-coast, serving approximately 77 million guests annually.