When six-year-old Dyllan Domagala found himself at home alone one day, the Calgary boy knew he needed to find help.

The youngster’s dad had left the house with his sister and he couldn’t find his mom, so he called 911.

In tears, he talked to an emergency communications officer, explaining the situation until he heard his mom’s voice.

Taking the phone, his mother explained to the 911 operator she had fallen asleep in the family’s basement, at the same time praising her son for his quick thinking.

And for that quick thinking, Domagala was one of five recipients of a 911 Heroes Award handed out Friday.

Other recipients were recognized for things like calling 911 when a smoke detector was going off and when a stranger knocked on their door while children were home alone.

“We are so proud of these brave young individuals and their ability to keep cool under pressure,” said Doug Odney, Calgary 911 commander.

“Knowing how and when to call 911 is an important skill for all citizens to have. These children have set a great example everyone can learn from.”

Each recipient was nominated by the emergency communications officer who took the call.

The awards come ahead of National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week (NPSTW), running from April 14 to 20, to recognize first responders.

This year’s 911 Heroes Award recipients are:

  • Emilina Kachuk
  • Maryam Yasir
  • Laura Campos
  • Dyllan Domagala
  • Emily Moreton