CALGARY -- An Airdrie resident’s sleuthing skills helped Calgary Police arrest a woman wanted on 18 outstanding warrants in Alberta and British Columbia, dating back to 2014.

Coco Dougherty says she began renting her condo to a woman who identified herself as "Austyn O’Gorman" in October 2019.

"With the rental application she provided contact information both from her employer and also personal contacts," Dougherty told CTV News.

The condo owner says her tenant paid a $1,900 damage deposit and pro-rated rent for the first month, but the payments stopped soon after that.

"Every day it was a different elaborate story on why she didn't have the funds," said Dougherty, who shortly after discovered her tenant’s actual name was Megan Weistra.

Dougherty contacted the police after finding an article with her tenant’s mugshot.

Following an investigation, officers arrested Weistra on January 11.

The 29-year-old Megan Weistra is now facing a charge of defrauding a person over $5,000. Meanwhile, Dougherty says she's out thousands in unpaid rent.

Calgary police are not releasing any more details about the case, but say Weistra is due in court next week.

Dougherty, who is now looking for new tenant for her condo, has a warning to other landlords.

"Make sure you know who you’re dealing with."