The government of Alberta is moving ahead with one of its budget pledges by offering $25 per day childcare to families at a number of different centres in the province, including five in Calgary.

The initiative is first being rolled out as a pilot project and will see the creation of about 1,300 affordable child care spaces.

Approximately 119 new childcare staff will be hired and an estimated 357 Albertans will be able to enter the workforce as a result.

The centres will address gaps in the existing child care system including affordability, diverse needs of children and flexible hours for parents.

"Too many parents have had the experience of struggling to afford quality child care for their kids. These Early Learning and Child Care pilot centres will allow us to explore how affordable, quality child care works to support children and families and how we can best expand this support in the years to come. Our government is focused on making life better for everyday families, and making child care more affordable is a key part of that work," said Premier Rachel Notley.

For centres to qualify for the pilot project, they needed to be non-profit and had to submit a grant proposal.

There are no income tests for parents to get spaces, the province says.

Notley said that the program’s goal is to help families. “We want to make life better for Alberta families. For far too many families, affordable child care is one of their biggest concerns. When Albertans consider starting a family, whether or not they can afford child care shouldn’t be top on the list of reasons they can’t start a family.

Calgary has five daycare centres that will be offering the discounted rates:

The Louise Dean Centre, which serves teenaged mothers, currently has 54 children enrolled in its childcare program. Following the provincial government's announcement, the centre will accept an additional six children and will provide a total of 60 spots at $25 per day daycare.

The province says the ultimate goal would be for it to be in place in all centres.

For the full list of facilities involved in the pilot project, you can visit the government’s website.