Premier Rachel Notley spoke to industry leaders at a pipeline conference on Tuesday and challenged Ottawa to stop stifling Canada's economic aspirations.

Notley delivered the keynote speech at the 2018 International Pipeline Conference at the Hyatt in Calgary and says if Ottawa doesn't pay attention, the damage to our economy will be lasting and that inaction could stretch even further than that.

She says Canada's international reputation as a stable country to do business could also be impacted.

Notley says the federal government needs to find a way to build economic infrastructure, like the Trans Mountain Pipeline, and to get off of the regulatory merry-go-round.

“The federal court of appeal decision ruling against the Trans Mountain Pipeline was a profound indictment of Ottawa’s ability to manage our economy in the interest of all Canadians and the frustration and the anger that it’s fuelling is quite real especially here in Alberta.”

Notley says regulatory rules are jeopardizing the jobs and well-being of Canadian workers and costing our economy tens of billions of dollars.

Watch -  Premier Notley's keynote speech HERE.