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Alberta's dancing dog Daiquiri heads to international competition in Europe


A dancing dog from Strathmore, Alta. will be travelling overseas to compete in a prestigious competition.

The dog – named Daiquiri – has already broken 12 Guinness World Records and just finished performing in SuperDogs: The Musical in Montreal.

Now he and his owner Jennifer Fraser will be competing at Crufts, an international dog show held annually in the United Kingdom. 

Fraser says her foray into canine competitions started as an accident when she and her kids moved to Italy for a year with their four dogs.

"I couldn't really afford to go to museums but I sent my kids and I paid for them to go and check it out, and I would just wait outside with my dogs," Fraser said.

While she waited, Fraser would play with her dogs and get them to do tricks, which people passing by started to notice. 

"I happened to have all of my kids' backpacks and their hats and everything… Just kind of taking care of them while they were in the museum. Somebody came along and they put five Euros in the hat."

Fraser said she decided to put together a trick routine she and her dogs could perform for money.

"In less than three weeks, I was making 200 or 300 Euros an hour just on the streets playing with my dog," she said.

"They paid for our rent, they paid for our groceries, they paid for a cruise – it was great, just having fun all day running around playing with me in the piazzas."

Fraser says Daiquiri – who is a blue merle/Australian Shepherd -- was quick to pick up tricks and training as soon as she got him.

"From Day 1 he was perfect. He was absolutely perfect."

"He's just the type of dog you can do anything with." Top Stories

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