The Victoria Real Estate Board unveiled a new safety app this week designed to keep realtors who work alone safe.

Like many realtors Allison James spends a lot of time in her mobile office and is constantly meeting clients for appointments by herself.

“Most of my business is repeat or referral business, but if I get a random call I will try to get them to meet me at the office first off and if they refuse to meet me at the office generally that's not a good sign,” said James.

The Calgary Real Estate Board has 5100 members and it encourages realtors to take safety training and posts safety tips in its monthly news letter.

James has taken the training and says it's important not to put yourself in a bad situation.

“Using the training that you do receive, of course, and your spider senses are very important, because we do have that intuition, we do have that,” said James.

A new app launched by the Victoria Real Estate Board claims it can immediately contact your colleagues, family, friends and police at the push of a button.

Jeff Buziak's daughter was attacked while selling homes in Victoria.

She went to a routine showing for a couple who claimed to be relocating to the island.

“She was attacked with this, they stabbed her to death, slit her throat, and let her die on the floor of that home, an app is not going to protect you from this,” said Buziak.

Buziak says criminals will use any weapon available to them to hurt you and he says while an app may highlight personal safety, he believes you have to take the steps to make sure you are not in a threatening situation in the first place.

The Calgary board says most realtors feel safe here.

“I think they're adjusting to the realities. They hear the stories of things that have happened in other places, like the situation with Lindsay in Victoria, and I think they're starting to take the precautions they need to be safe in their work,” said Peter Growbauer.

The Victoria app is free to realtors working on the island.