Nearly 200 works of art have been curated for an art project displayed on a Calgary Transit CTrain car and at the Sheldon M. Chumir Health Centre that aims to increase the visibility of mental health and wellness concerns.

Organizers hope the posters of 'Recognition, Validation, Reassurance' that appear on the walls, panels and near the doorways of the car will bring a commonly hidden issue to the forefront and have a positive impact

 “Calgary Transit makes a great canvas for a project like this,” said Sherri Zikefoose, Calgary Transit spokesperson. “Our customers are from all walks of life and this is really an ideal way to reach them.”

“It make their ride a little better and it’s a unique opportunity for us.”

“Ultimately, what we’re looking for in the long term plan is a society that is more understanding, caring and resilient,” said artist Dick Averns. “Working in the public domain like this taking active steps towards that future.”

The 189 art pieces were created by amateur artists in workshops and the fruits of their labour will remain on display until the end of August.

With files from CTV's Stephanie Wiebe