Christy Clark and her Liberal Party came up one seat short of a majority government in Tuesday’s election, putting the province into a minority government situation for the first time since 1952.

The Liberals needed 44 seats for a majority, but they only got 43, surrendering 41 to the NDP and three to the Green Party.

There will be at least one recount after the NDP won in Courtenay-Comox but just nine votes.

Clark said she intends to lead the next government, adding the result presents an opportunity to open up a new dialogue "about how we do things, what we should do, how we want to shape the future of our province."

"Tonight is the beginning of something very different, and something that I think could be really exciting for the future of our province and our kids," she said.

Meanwhile, political commentators say that Albertans should be watching the results in B.C., especially with the implications they would have on the future of pipeline projects there.

For example, the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain expansion has been strongly supported by the Liberals but widely opposed by the NDP.

The Greens haven’t said anything about who they would support in the new government.

In a statement on Wednesday morning, Premier Rachel Notley congratulated Clark on her victory and said that she looks forward to working with them on the new course their government will take.

"My government looks forward to working with British Columbia on our shared priorities, helping to build a Canada that works for working people with good jobs, economic opportunity and trade between our provinces.”

(With files from the Canadian Press)