CALGARY -- Just a couple of years back, the future of the Bearspaw Golf Club was very much up in the air.

Bearspaw was building a new clubhouse and there were problems right from the start. After several cost overruns, members voted down yet another cash call and the club fell into receivership.

Sam Hart, the current head professional at Bearspaw, wasn’t with the club for all the problems but he knows it was in trouble and there was a likely chance it wasn’t going to survive.

"You know Bearspaw definitely it went through a rough patch to the point where the golf course went into receivership," said Hart. "It was definitely a difficult few months."

But Bearspaw has risen from the ashes and the club is once again thriving.

A group called Bearspaw Equity Venture, consisting of ex-members and the Windmill golf group, got together and purchased the course.

The problematic clubhouse is nearing completion and Hart says the members can hardly wait to reopen the doors.

"We’re set. We’re ready. We can’t wait for this thing to open and members are super excited," said Hart. "This is the building they were all hoping for and it looks like it’s going to come true here in the next short period of time."

Bearspaw did lose some members because of the clubhouse fiasco. They’re looking for new members and eventually they would like to go back to being a completely private club.

In the meantime, they are offering some tee times to the public.