CALGARY -- A small black bear was tranquillized in southwest Calgary neighbourhood late Monday night after helping itself to a birdseed feast on a doorstep.

According to police, officers were called to a home on Law Drive S.W., in the community of Lakeview, around 10 p.m. Monday following reports of the bear on a porch.

The animal was tranquilized and removed from the property. Police officials confirm the bear was unharmed.

“We have the bear secured in our warehouse facility,” said Fish and Wildlife officer Kole Fitzsimons.

“Myself and other officers are teaming up with an Alberta Environment and Parks wildlife biologist, we’re going to assess the health of the bear and the plan is to relocate this bear west into the mountains.”

Fitzsimons says that usually takes about 24 hours so the bear will likely be headed west sometime Wednesday morning.

Bear activity in the area prompted the city to close North Glenmore Park, situated between Lakeview and the Glenmore Reservoir, Monday evening,

As of late Monday, the entrance to the parking lot at 37th Street and 66th Avenue S.W. remained blocked and a "Keep Out. Dangerous bear in the vicinity." sign was placed warning park visitors.

Fish and Wildlife officers set up a trap in the near by park but were unable to capture it.

Bonnie McLean lives on Law Drive S.W. and says the bear had pulled down one of her bird feeders earlier in the week so she emptied it and stored the seeds in the mailbox.

“I was in bed and I heard this clatter, clatter, bang, bang, and I thought, what in the world,“ said McLean. “So I looked out my front door and the bear was right there on my steps.”

McLean called 911 and police arrived soon after along with Fish and Wildlife officers.

Gerry Wallace lives next door and saw the bear earlier in the week out his dining room window.

“We’ve had other animals,” said Wallace. “We’ve had deer and a bobcat in the back yard in the tree so yah, we’re used to seeing animals but never a bear.”

Jesse Salus had the pumpkin on his front door step bitten by the bear. Salus says it was exciting to have the bear in the neighbourhood but also concerning.

“The big concern I guess would be just what impacts something like the southwest ring road would perhaps has had,” said Salus. “Is it impacting wildlife behaviour, is it pushing animals a little bit closer to the city and maybe cutting off the traditional pathways these bears have used.”

Fish and Wildlife officers say Calgary has a healthy urban wildlife population and it’s important to be aware anytime you are outdoors.

”Especially at this time of year the bears are trying to fatten up for winter,” said Fitzsimons. “They’re trying to find an easy meal and with garbage and different kinds of attractants they’re rewarded and it’s an easy meal for them.”

Fitzsimons’ recommends to cleanup any attractants around your home like making sure pet food isn’t left outside, dirty BBQs are cleaned and pick up the apples or crab apples from under fruit-bearing trees.


The original version of this story indicated the bear was eating pumpkin. The homeowner confirms to CTV News that the bear was dining on birdseed.