A young Calgary woman is resorting to crowd-funding to pay for her tuition at Mount Royal University.

Ashley King is legally blind as a result of a being poisoned while on vacation three years ago.

King was in Indonesia in 2011 and drank drinks laced with methanol.  The cheap chemical is sometimes mixed into liquor to cut costs.

The poisoning affected King’s eyes and now she only sees a snowy haze.

“It’s taken awhile to get where I am, it’s been three years to the day.  There are days I stay in bed...even just walking to the bathroom by myself is such an accomplishment, I’m like I did it!”

King has tried for bursaries and scholarships to fund her education, but without success so King launched the online campaign on RCKTSHP.  RCKTSHP is a crowd-funding platform.

Tuition campaign for Ashley King