CALGARY -- Anyone who has been outside in Calgary since the snow started falling on Monday evening knows it’s difficult to get around — whether it’s vehicles slipping and sliding on roads or people trudging through heavy snow on walkways.

But the massive snowfall is an even bigger roadblock for those who have limited mobility.

“Snow makes it impassable,” says Sean Crump with Universal Access Inc., a company that works on initiatives to make the city more accessible for all Calgarians.

“Dealing with a high volume of snow really creates that further endorsement where you’re really almost unwilling to go outside when using a mobility aid, just knowing the barriers that are going to be in front of you with the snow,” he says.

Crump, who is in a wheelchair, says even a couple of centimetres or a little bit of ice on a sidewalk makes it difficult to navigate for people who rely on mobility aids to get around.

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Especially with COVID-19 restrictions limiting the amount of indoor activities people are able to participate in, safer sidewalks goes a long way in allowing people to get out of the house.

“There’s a limited amount of things people can do these days and getting out for a walk is probably one of the few left to kind of escape the confinement in your home,” says Crump.

It’s a friendly reminder to clear walkways and, if you’re able to, help out your neighbours as well.

The city also has a snow bylaw that states people must clear their sidewalks of ice and snow within 24 hours of a snowfall ending.