A Calgary rock group is putting their songwriting skills to the test as they write and record 50 songs in 24 hours as part of an ambitious venture to support the Tom Baker Cancer Centre.

Chris Naish’s mom left a last impression on him, always being supportive of everything he did.

“When she came to my hockey game, she would bring her knitting,” Naish says. “She was always very clear that I didn’t have to do anything to impress her.”

Unfortunately, last March, Vickie lost her battle with cancer. Naish says that the treatment at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre helped her to outlive her diagnosis by over two years.

Now, to honour the memory of his mother and the work of the people who helped her, he and his band, Scratch Buffalo, came up with the idea to write 50 songs and record them in just 24 hours.

The results would then be streamed live on social media.

“Start with one and then we go on to the next one,” Naish says.

He says that the playing comes easy.

“Whatever strikes you, whatever sounds good, ‘mmmm nothing, nothing, oh that sounds good!’”

Chris’ bandmates say their great relationship helps them considerably.

“I just get a feel for what he feels for where the song is going and try to find a riff and a groove,” said Scott Wildeman.

Naish says it’s an interesting experience for himself as a musician too.

“I’m just interested to see what I’m like at 4:00 a.m.? What am I like at 4:00 p.m.? I don’t know how I’m going to sound. It’s a show for me to watch.”

After each song is finished, it gets uploaded so that others can download them, with the proceeds going to support cancer research at the Tom Baker Centre. Their goal is to raise $10,000.

You can find a link to the band’s livestream on their Facebook page and their songs are available to download for a donation on their official website.

(With files from Camilla Di Giuseppe)