Knights, wizards and elves will fill the Crossroads Market this weekend for Calgary’s first “medieval faire.”

There will also be a massive medieval market, with 35 local vendors showing off their wares, including authentic outfits and jewelry.

Fantasy fans say it’s about time Calgary went all-in on medieval celebrations.

“There is so much going on,” says show organizer Gail Stamp. “Game of Thrones plays a big role, and there are so many fantasy shows out there. People love it - they need to feel there is still some magic in the world.”

The Medieval Faire & Artisan Market starts Friday and runs through the weekend.

It will include storytelling, a costume contest, jousting, battle re-enactments and knight-themed activities for the kids. But Stamp says there’s more to the theme.

“When you go medieval, it's not all about the knights and shining armour,” says Stamp. “It’s about the spiritual beliefs as well.”

That means there will also be healers and psychics roaming the market floor.

The event is free to attend and a portion of proceeds from the market will be donated to charity.

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