CALGARY -- Day time highs in the -30C range means it’s too cold for most pets to spend long periods of time outdoors.

Jessica Bohrson of the Calgary Humane Society recommends dogs spend limited time outdoors.

"When it is this cold outside a dog should only be outside for a few minutes at a time, very short bathroom breaks," said Bohrson.  "Short walks and if you are taking them outside they need to have some sort of coat on."

The Calgary Humane Society encourages owners to provide paw protection for their dogs, especially for smaller breeds.

Sue Higgins Park, one of the city’s most popular off-leash parks, was sparsely attended during Tuesday's bitter cold.

The weather didn't stop Tom Roski from making his regular daily trip to the park with his Bouvier named Storm but he did restrict the duration of the walk.

"If his paws start (to get cold) I’m taking him home," said Roski. "But he loves this, best time of the day when he’s in the park."

The Calgary Humane Society says it’s important to keep your pet active on days when they’re cooped up indoors.

"What you can do is actually put peanut butter inside (a toy) and you can freeze the toy," explained Bohrson. "The nice thing about this is it gives them hours of enjoyment and hours of entertainment and keeps them from being outside."