The televised comments of one of Premier Alison Redford’s closest allies have resulted in a quick and harsh backlash from members of the official opposition.

Sandra Jansen, Calgary-North West MLA, appeared on CTV’s Power Play on Friday afternoon. During the interview, Jansen lashed out at former Tory MLA Len Webber and his accusations against Premier Redford, specifically her tendency to bully others.

“I would say right now if Len had such a problem with what he perceived as bullying he should perhaps reconsider his decision to step into federal politics,” said Jansen during the Power Play segment. “Maybe he should go back to being an electrician.”

Following the recording, Jansen tweeted an apology, not to Webber, but to electrical workers in general.



On Thursday, Len Webber, Calgary-Foothills MLA, announced his decision to sit as an independent citing the premier’s spending of taxpayer dollars and her fits of rage and temper tantrums.

Immediately following the CTV Power Play broadcast, members of the Wildrose party demanded an apology from Jansen.

"Skilled tradespeople are the glue that holds this economy together, and for a PC minister to be so condescending and insulting towards them is completely unacceptable," said Wildrose Jobs, Skills, Labour and Training Critic Gary Bikman in a media release.

“Minister Jansen did not refer to electricians and politicians in terms of being equal. Underlying her comments is the elitist and wrongheaded attitude that being an electrician would be a step down. She needs to apologize.”

Jansen was sworn in as Alberta’s Associate Minister of Family and Community Safety on August 1, 2013, and has spearheaded initiatives to address bullying in the province

In a video posted to YouTube on November 15, 2013, and which is available on Sandra Jansen’s website, the Calgary-North West MLA recognizes National Bullying Awareness Week. Jansen speaks to the impact of bullying and the need for change in society’s approach to the issue.


“Bullying has hurt far too many people, far too long, in our schools, our workplaces, and in our communities,” s Our children, family members, colleagues, neighbours…they all need our support. We must work together to change attitudes and support positive, respectful behaviours.”

With files from CTV's Chris Epp