Hundreds of Calgary students were in lockdown or forced to leave their schools Monday as a safety precaution after several swatting threats targeted the schools.

A total of four Calgary schools received threats over the phone.

Bishop Pinkham Junior High, located in the 33 hundred block of 63 Avenue Southwest, was evacuated and students and staff walked to a nearby location to keep warm until Calgary police gave the all clear.

E.P Scarlett School, located on Canterbury Drive Southwest, was put in lockdown meaning students were kept in their classrooms while police investigated.

Two Grade 10 students at E. P Scarlet were worried about the safety of their friends.

“We got to school around lunch time we missed the bus this morning and then we got to school at the front door and then the  police came out said just get away we’re in a lockdown,” said  Malia Downing.

“I think we were all confused. No one knew art first if it was fake or real,” says Kaitlyn Stone.

Several parents received texts from their children explaining what was happening and many, including Jamie Genaille, came to the school to wait.

“Pretty scary; she told me not to come but I had to back down. It’s pretty scary. First instinct is to get in the vehicle and come,” says Genaille.

The Calgary Board of Education issued a statement. “ All threats of this nature are taken seriously and fully investigated. Each situation that arises requires an appropriate level of response to ensure the safety and security of students and staff.”

Calgary police confirm two other schools, Centennial High School on Sun Valley Boulevard Southeast and Annie Gale Junior High on Whiteridge Way Northeast also received threats electronically.

Calgary police released a statement late Monday afternoon."The Calgary Police Service has determined that threats made today against Calgary schools were not credible. Four separate threats were reported throughout the day and investigators are working to determine the origin of the threats. At this time, it is unknown if the threats in Calgary are related to similar incidents in other jurisdictions. The CPS takes these events seriously and will investigate them thoroughly."

There are no reports of any actual harm being done as a result of these threats.

Threats were made against four schools in Edmonton and one in Leduc but there is no danger.