A Calgary police officer has been dismissed from the service after he was officially found responsible for multiple police service regulation offences.

Sergeant Anthony Braile admitted responsibility to nine counts of professional misconduct during a lengthy disciplinary proceeding and was fired February 3, 2016.

The incident in question happened on December 15, 2008 while Braile was a District 2 street supervisor.

During the hearing, the presiding officer heard that while Braile was operating a marked vehicle, he initiated a traffic stop of a possible impaired driver operating a Ford F-350 pickup truck.

The vehicle sped away from Braille at a high rate of speed and he notified dispatch of the attempted traffic stop, direction of travel of the vehicle, and stated he was not following the truck.

However, the presiding officer heard Braile, contrary to pursuit policy, pursued the Ford F-350 for almost an hour through several residential areas and eventually into the downtown core travelling over 52 kilometres.

Speeds reached 145 km/h in less than favourable road and weather conditions and he directed another unit, under his command, to assist in the pursuit using the off-air

While Braile was driving the wrong way on 5th Avenue Southwest, the F-350 collided at right angles in an intersection with a cab causing serious injuries to the taxi driver.

 At the scene of the collision, Braile provided misleading and incomplete information to the District 1 Sergeant and the Duty Inspector who were working that evening.

A criminal prosecution resulted, with Braile ultimately pleading guilty to a charge of careless driving under the Traffic Safety Act.