The real estate market in southern Alberta can be a competitive place, so one local realtor is going the extra mile to help buyers envision themselves inside their new home.

With bakers working in the kitchen, sports fans enjoying the game on a big screen TV and even someone enjoying a bubble bath in the oversized tub, realtor Paul Ackerman really wanted the home to be noticed.

“I was just looking for something that would be creative and different,” he says. “I actually had this idea a few months ago and was just waiting for the right listing.”

As far he knows, it’s the first time that anyone has hired actors to play the part of residents.

He hopes that he can demonstrate that open houses can still hold surprises.

“Although people search starts online, it always ends up in a house. Very few people will buy a house without coming to look at it.”

He adds that while it’s a lot of fun to do, it is hard work to set up but that doesn’t mean he won’t rule out the same strategy on future listings.