Residents of Taradale are shocked and left with a pile of unanswered questions after a mail superbox in the northeast Calgary community was left wide open.

Amy Weber, a resident of the community, noticed all of the doors of the mailbox near Tararidge Close N.E. were open on Thursday evening.

To make matters worse, she, along with her neighbours, believes that some mail and parcels are missing, but they have no way of knowing if that’s true.

They contacted Canada Post and the Calgary Police to notify them about the issue but have received no response.

Weber and her fellow neighbours have no idea whether or not this is a theft or a case of oversight by a postal worker.

On Friday morning, the superbox doors appeared to be locked. Canada Post tells CTV that an emergency crew was dispatched to the area on Thursday night to secure the box.

A spokesperson says they are investigating the matter and is checking into whether or not anyone's mall is missing and nothing was tampered with.