CALGARY -- She turned out to be not only the Poet Laureate of Calgary, but the poet laureate of the pandemic.

Thursday, former Calgary Poet Laureate Sheri-D Wilson was happy to announce the final aspect of her legacy expansion project, a public exhibition that will see lines of poetry by 10 different poets featured on an interior banner on Calgary Transit throughout October.

“We are very proud of this project and very proud of the people of Calgary who stood up and showed their creative voices," Wilson said Thursday at the launch of a uniquely Calgarian poetry bus Thursday.

YYC Pop: Poetic Portraits of People are designed to enlighten your day and to make your ride through life a little more pleasant.


“It really is about reaching out to every single one of us to figure out how we can incorporate creativity into our own lives,” said Mayor Nenshi.

More than 200 Calgarians contributed to the poetry, which evolved over the course of Wilson's term as Calgary Poet Laureate, from 2018-20. There is a book (YYC POP) available to read the full poems in their entirety, a poetry anthology featuring the work of 76 writers.

Mayor Nenshi and Sheri-D Wilson