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Calgary Wild FC unveiled as city's first professional women's soccer club


The name and logo of Calgary’s first-ever professional women’s soccer club have been unveiled.

Calgary Wild FC will be one of six teams playing in the Northern Super League, the club announced Thursday.

The league, formerly known as Project 8, has been working to bring professional women’s soccer to Canada.

A release from the club noted that Canada was the only top-10 FIFA-ranked nation without a professional women’s league, until the development of Project 8.

“This team and league are not only about professional women’s soccer, it's about setting the stage where Canadian female athletes are celebrated and where their achievements can inspire the next generation of young players,” says Deanna Zumwalt, Calgary Wild FC board chair.

“We are ready to propel girls and women in our province to new heights demonstrating that professional soccer is something they can aspire to right here at home.”

Calgary Wild FC’s logo and crest include an owl, along with neon violet and red colours.

“The owl, a bird that is as silent as a whisper; an all-seeing huntress, patiently waiting for the chance to strike,” the club said in a news release.

The colours represent Calgary’s “incredible sunsets and the iconic red of the Calgary Tower.”

A stylized ‘W’ that makes up part of the owl’s head further represents “Alberta’s meandering rivers and sawtooth mountains.”

“The five points making up the ‘W’ nod to Alberta’s Famous Five and the five nations of Treaty 7,” the team continued in the news release.

“We wanted to include as much of Calgary, its history and its surroundings as possible,” Zumwalt said.

“This is Calgary’s team, and we want our identity to reflect our city so that Calgarians identify with the logo, the colours, and the team, making the crest their own.”

Calgary Wild FC is working with the McMahon Stadium Society to make McMahon Stadium the home of the team.

The club said it will be making further announcements over the next several months, including player signings, management, coaching staff and ticketing. Top Stories

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