Members of the King’s Own Calgary Regiment took part in an impressive training simulator on Saturday where they worked together in teams to re-enact driving an armoured vehicle.

Operation King’s Command brought together regular and reserve members for a simulated training program where they used headsets, steering wheels and life-like screens to perform a field mission.

The commanding officer says the annual event brings together many different levels of the Canadian Forces, giving them tools and skills they will need for other field exercises or possible deployment.

“We try and do this at least annually and it’s part of our transition to individual training to collective training. We do it in the virtual environment here first and then, in the spring, we go out in the field for practice in Suffield, Wainwright and even Calgary,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Christopher Hunt.

Troops with the regiment say the experience is very valuable.

“You get experience simulating the field which is really nice. I’ve only done BMQ so I haven’t really gotten experience out in the field,” said Private Brodie Meston.

The King’s Own Calgary regiment is looking for dozens of reserve positions. Information can be found on the official website.