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Caught on cam: Ski stunt goes wrong at Lake Louise, Alta.


A skier at an Alberta resort having some fun suffered some bumps and bruises after an aerial stunt went very wrong on the weekend.

An Instagram video of the skier, who was at Lake Louise, shows them coming down a slope toward a smaller rise at the edge of a ski lift.

The skier is seen taking to the air and turning over, but they end up clipping an empty ski lift chair heading down the mountain and falling to the snow below.

According to the comments attached to the video posted on March 2, the skier wasn't seriously injured.

'There's a reason we have terrain parks'

Lake Louise Ski Resort says the 17-year-old male was able to ski away from the situation and be evaluated by its patrol staff.

However, officials are still upset over the skier's behaviour.

“I think everybody who's seen the video is probably surprised that the individual wasn't hurt worse,” said Dan Markham, communications director for Lake Louise Ski Resort.

"We, of course, are very happy there wasn’t a more serious injury."

Markham says the skier was set to compete in a big mountain competition the following day but believes he decided to cancel that appearance.

CTV News has reached out to the original poster for further comment but has not heard back so far.

Lake Louise Ski Resort made it clear, incidents like these are not ones it wants happening on its hill.

“It's certainly something that the resort doesn't condone in any way, shape or form,” said Markham.

Lake Louise Ski Resort advises people in search of getting big air to ski and snowboard in the locations designed for it.

“There's a reason why we have terrain parks,” said Markham. “To give people the opportunity to practice and do these kind of stunts.”


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