CALGARY -- The deep freeze continues as Alberta remains under an extreme cold warning Wednesday morning. 

It comes as wind chills are dipping below the -40 range and putting city crews and services to the test. 

Several water main breaks have already affected more than 200 homes across Calgary this week and frigid temperatures are making it difficult for crews to repair ruptured pipes. 

Even under normal circumstances it can take some city crews up to 48 hours to repair just one water main break. 

Water trucks have been set up in some communities where breaks have occurred, forcing some residents to walk down their block at all times of the day just to get water. 

The city says it understands the inconvenience and is pleading for patience for anyone with affected services.

"We do ask Calgarians for patience as it will take our crews longer to repair and maintain all of our infrastructure in this weather," said Lee Dupras with Calgary Water Services. "Our goal is to get clean, safe drinking water to call Calgarians."

With consideration for the freezing temperatures, city crews are also trying to limit their time outdoors while they work. 

Alberta Health Services is reminding Albertans to dress warm for the conditions as frostbite, shortness of breath, dehydration and hypothermia can set in within minutes of being exposed to the elements.