The best films of 2014 will be honored on February 22 at the 87th Academy Awards and a Cochrane company is adding a little life to this year’s swag bags.

Life choice was founded in 1986 and specializes in natural health products.

The products were developed by Dr. Eldon Dahl from scratch and are sold to clients all over the world.

Leslie McMichael works for Life Choice and came up with a marketing idea that's a bit different from the trade shows and magazine advertising typical of the industry.

She took her idea to a marketing firm in Hollywood that was looking for organic items to put in gift bags for large ceremonies like the Oscars.

Life Choice fit the bill and now two of its items will be included in this year’s Oscar swag bag.

“It's an honor because I think to get something to the elite hands of the stars in Hollywood and here we are in little, small town Cochrane, Alberta making products that can heal people,” said McMichael.

The swag bag that the academy gives to nominees is valued at about $80,000 and includes trips to China, high-end shoes and clothing, jewelry and art.

Life Choice’s contribution is valued at about $110 and 72 boxes of the company’s products are now on the way to tinsel town.

For more information on Life Choice, click HERE.