A pack of coyotes has been spotted roaming through yards in the southwest community of Upper Mount Royal.

The animals have been spotted near Colborne Crescent and 12th Street S.W.

Calgary police reminded residents to be aware in a social media post Tuesday.

Considered a top predator in Calgary, coyotes help control the population of other wildlife, like rodents, and can be found across the city.

“A good population of coyotes shows that our city has a variety of healthy wildlife in stable numbers; this biodiversity is important and extremely valuable to Calgary,” reads the city’s website.

Some tips to living harmoniously with coyotes include:

  • Enjoy all wildlife from a distance. Let them do their thing.
  • Never feed coyotes or leave pet food (including bird seed) outside.
  • Be mindful of where your children are, and don’t leave them unattended.
  • Carry a loud whistle or other noise-making device with you in areas that have coyotes.
  • Throw all garbage in park containers and pick up after your pet.

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