Danielle Savoni
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Danielle Savoni

CTV News Calgary Chief Meteorologist


Danielle Savoni became interested in the weather as a teenager, while on a cruise with her family during an El Niño year.

"The water was so rough, even the captain was sick. It was a crazy year for storms on that ocean, and it was fascinating."

Danielle became a meteorologist in 2011 after completing the Mississippi State Meteorology program, she also holds a double degree in business and psychology from the University of Western Ontario, and a journalism diploma from Humber College.

Danielle started her media career in 2005 as an intern in the CTV Toronto and CTV National newsrooms. After her internship she moved to the CTV Timmins bureau in northern Ontario and worked as a reporter. Danielle had a love for weather and would practice presenting the weather after her reporting shifts.

"One of the producers set up a little weather studio for me and I would often be there until 2 a.m."

Eventually the weather position opened up in the CTV Sudbury, Ont. newsroom and she became the weather and entertainment anchor.

Years later, Danielle moved to The Weather Network to cover national weather.

In 2009, she moved to Calgary for the head meteorologist position at CBC. Then, after taking a few years away from the industry to start a family, she jumped back into the weather world.

Over the years, Danielle has covered devastating tornadoes, raging wildfires, the 2013 flood and of course more snow storms and thunderstorms than we can count!

Now the chief meteorologist at CTV Calgary, Danielle is thrilled to do the job she loves in the city she loves most.

"Calgary is my home. It’s an incredible city with great people and it’s where I’m so proud to raise my kids. Luckily, it’s also where weather forecasting is the most interesting."

When not at work, Danielle is off on adventures with her husband and two little guys.

She speaks English.

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