Nolan Hildebrand has been refining his crease technique at World Pro for six years and the practice time has been a key factor in his success as a netminder.

This year, as a member of the Calgary Sabres, Nolan has posted a flawless record of 6-0.

“When I was younger, I would go all over my net,” says Nolan.  “I didn't really know where I was going to be and this place (World Pro) helps.”

“You know all your positions, where your hands are supposed to be, just detailed work.  It’s been great for that.”

Instructors at World Pro have taken notice of Nolan's dedication to the craft.

“He's an extremely hard worker and he's a kid we've built from the ground up,” says World Pro instructor Mike Bergren.

Entering this season, 14-year-old Nolan made the jump from AA to AAA, a move that has him eligible for the upcoming WHL bantam draft.

“He's a kid who really dedicates himself to the game and he wants to make that jump,” says Bergren.  “He wants to make that draft, to be at the next level and be one of those guys that you look at and say there's Nolan Hildebrand.”

While his future hockey dreams are within reach, Hildebrand lives and plays in the moment.

“If you're living life thinking about what you're doing, like in the future I would like to play WHL or NCAA hockey, but if you get yourself caught up thinking too much about the future then you're not going to be able to focus on the game you have this weekend,” says Nolan.  “You’re just going to be constantly worrying about what's going to happen.  You have to think about the day-to-day and just getting better.”

Congratulations Nolan Hildebrand, the CTV Athlete of the Week sponsored by Big Chief Beef Jerky.