Three homes in Medicine Hat were damaged in a fire on Wednesday morning and investigators are working to determine a cause for the blaze.

Crews were called to a residence in the Crescent Heights area at about 10:00 a.m. for reports of a fire.

“An investigator has been on scene since then, police are involved as well and so until we find out all the details it will be treated as a crime scene,” said Deputy Fire Chief, Lance Purcell.

One home was completely gutted by fire and a residence on either side of it was scorched.

Officials say the structure has been compromised and crews have not yet been able to enter to search the building.

“It took us about an hour to get control of everything. At present we don’t have an all clear on all the buildings. The structural damage on the centre one is, significant structural damage in the centre unit so we haven't been able to search that to ensure everybody is out,” said Purcell.

Police and fire will remain at the scene to investigate and monitor for hot spots.