CALGARY -- Up to 300 Canadian workers will be losing their jobs as a result of the latest move by Texas-based ExxonMobil.

The company announced it was cutting the Canadian positions as a result of a review of its operations meant "to identify cost efficiencies and improve long-term competitiveness."

ExxonMobil says the cuts will impact workers in Imperial Oil Ltd., ExxonMobil Canada Ltd. and ExxonMobil Business Centre Canada ULC.

Officials say the pandemic has forced the company to consider every area for efficiencies.

"The workforce reductions result from insight gained through reorganizations and work-process changes made over the past several years. The impact of COVID-19 on the demand for ExxonMobil’s products has increased the urgency of the efficiency work," it said in a release.

It maintained that Canada is still "an important market," but the actions are needed in order to ensure the company can manage through the "unprecedented market conditions."

There are no details on exactly where the job cuts will be made, but a statement from Imperial Oil says approximately 200 jobs at its operations have been targeted.

"Throughout the past year, the company responded aggressively to the challenging business environment by reducing capital and operating expenditures and adjusting project pacing. In addition, Imperial suspended hiring and reduced the number of contractors to manage workforce levels," it wrote.

It added all impacted employees will be provided with all the necessary supports.

The affected employees will be notified by the end of 2021.