Overland flooding is having an impact on parts of southern Alberta and officials in Lethbridge County declared a State of Local Emergency on Monday morning.

Officials say rural areas are experiencing some flooding and local roads are also being affected.

Council has directed municipal workers to take whatever actions are required to protect public and private property and crews are working to reduce the buildup of drainage water in areas where it is pooling.

A number of roads in the county have been closed because they are impassable or pose a danger to motorists.

Officials are asking citizens with buildings that are in danger of flooding to contact Lethbridge County at the following numbers;

  • Daytime: call (403) 732-5333
  • After-hours: call (403) 328-5525 and follow the voice prompts.

On Sunday, an emergency alert was also issued for the MD of Taber, where there has been some localized flooding.

For updates and the latest information, visit the Lethbridge County website HERE.