CALGARY -- Last season was a tough one for the University of Calgary's Dinos women’s hockey team.  They ended the year with just five wins.

So it wasn’t much of a shocker in a pre-season poll of the coaches that they were ranked dead last.

Instead of taking it personally, however, the players took it as a challenge.

Goaltender Kelsey Roberts says those low expectations gave the team plenty of motivation.

“Obviously getting ranked last in the league was a tough pill to swallow," Roberts says.  "But we came out here ready for the season.”

Did they ever.  The Dinos are off to a 14-5 start, good enough for first place in the Canada West division.  Head coach Danielle Goyette says she likes this view a lot more.

“You know it’s much better being on the top.  I sleep better as a coach,” Goyette says.

Dinos Women's hockey

The Dinos are led by second year forward Elizabeth Lang, who missed a good part of last season with a broken arm.  This year she leads the team in scoring with 9 goals and 18 assists.

Lang says there’s a completely different attitude with this year’s team.

“I think when we walk into dressing room we have a different atmosphere and mood. We expect to win when we come into games," she says.” It’s not like try to win - it’s like we will win and we’re going to do whatever it takes to win.”

And with winning comes fun. Roberts says there’s a lot more smiles this year.

“I mean losing all those games, you’re kind of dragging yourself to the rink.  Not a lot of fun. Not a lot of smiles one the ice.  But this year we’re scoring and we’re having fun.”

Goyette is happy with the start and wants her team to enjoy it.  But she also wants them to realize there’s still a lot of work to do. She wants the Dinos to be in a good position come playoff time in February. 

This weekend the Dinos in are Saskatoon for a pair of games.