CALGARY -- Troy Kamphuis-Finnigan and his staff are dumping $5,000 down the drain.

"There is a threshold," says the owner of Rapid Ascent Brewing.

"Most of our beers are between 4.2 and 6 per cent so, at that level, you’re getting cold, and it's going to turn to ice."

When Kamphuis-Finnigan and his staff showed up to work Thursday morning, they found 20 kegs of their best brew completely frozen.

So were the taps and lines in the tap room.

The taps got fixed.

The beer got tossed.

"It was between slush and rock ice so, either way, once you freeze the beer, once it gets too cold, even if it’s frozen and thawed it's not going to taste the same," he said.

"Our brewers take a lot of pride in what they make so we thought 'Dump it all, start over.'"

Halfway through the Calgary’s worst cold snap in eight years, the city is still trying to adjust.

Shoppers showing up at the Forest Lawn Co-op were turned away after pipes burst.

Several restaurants around town also closed for several hours after losing water or power.

The good news for Calgarians is, by the end of the weekend, it will be much warmer - on the plus side by Monday.