A charity group devoted to helping the city's hungry residents was busy gathering leftovers on Saturday night.

Zero Waste YYC, an organization that was started by a couple of university students, went to a number of different restaurants in downtown Calgary, picking up extra and unused food items.

The group takes the vittles, that would have otherwise been thrown out, and puts them to good use in feeding the homeless.

Normally the food goes directly to the charities that need it, but on Saturday night, they held a buffet for the people who needed a good meal.

"It's really important to give back to the community," says Fatima Saleem with Zero Waste YYC. "I think that the cause is really deeply personal for me. Growing up as the child of immigrant parents, I've experience food insecurity. It was very difficult for my parents to provide food for us on the table every single day."

Just about 200 meals were handed out last night and officials with the group say their efforts save about one tonne of food from being wasted each week.