The director of the Jakarta Intercultural School, the former workplace of Neil Bantleman and Ferdinand Tjiong, says the school is struggling to understand the 'unjust verdict' against the two respected teachers.

Bantleman, a former Calgary teacher, and Tijon has been acquitted of child sex abuses charges in August 2015 but the Indonesian Supreme Court overruled the High Court's decision.

In a statement to CTV Calgary, Sinta Siriat, the school's director, addressed the verdict:

We are truly shocked and devastated with the verdict from the Supreme Court that has befallen Neil Bantleman and Ferdinand Tjiong. We are saddened that the Supreme Court overruled the decision from the High Court which acquitted the two teachers in August 2015. We find it hard to fathom how baseless allegations with no solid and credible evidence could result in such an unjust verdict.

This verdict is not only unfair, but it also endangers the teaching profession and the educational values of Indonesia. Anyone can be convicted according to an unsubstantiated accusation that is based only on unreliable stories.

Neil and Ferdi are respected teachers. Their dedication to their students and to the Indonesian community is undeniable. It really breaks our heart us to see such remarkable and exemplary individuals be accused and treated unjustly.

Contrary to the news that you might have heard, Neil Bantleman has not left Indonesia for two years. Also, Ferdinand Tjiong is an Indonesian citizen, not a foreigner as reported in some of the news. Neither of them ever ran away and are now in custody to follow the next legal process and to fight for truth and justice. They are honorable men who are innocent of these baseless allegations.

We really hope they can stand tall through this very difficult time, as they have done for so long. Our hearts and our support will always be with them. We hope they would appeal for judicial review and wish that justice will prevail for the two teachers.

JIS has always been part of Indonesia serving thousands of students for more than 65 years. Our students and their education have always been our utmost priority. The JIS community are praying for the teachers and their family.