The murder trial for Douglas Garland is less than a week away and the Crown and defence are working to choose the 16 men and women who will decide his fate.

Alvin and Kathy Liknes and their grandson, five-year-old Nathan O’Brien, went missing in June of 2014 and their bodies have never been found.

Garland is charged with three counts of first-degree murder in connection to their deaths and forensic evidence collected at the Liknes’ Parkhill home and the Garland property near Airdrie is expected to play a big part in the trial.

A long list of forensic experts is expected to testify, along with family members and a number of Calgary Police officers.

Garland elected to be tried by a judge and jury and jury selection started on Wednesday morning.

Court officials say that over 470 people arrived for the initial selection and about a quarter were dismissed but they will be brought back if they are needed.

Lawyers are asking jurors a series of questions about what they know about the case. The questions asked are protected by a publication ban.

16 people will be chosen at the end of the process; 14 will hear the case and two will be alternates.

The trial, scheduled to start on Monday, is expected to last five weeks.