CALGARY -- To say that we are living in an extraordinary time would be a massive understatement.

The magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic has created a demand for information like no one in our newsroom has experienced before.

The interest in what is happening around the world, across the country and here in Calgary is insatiable.

We are focused on reporting the latest and most accurate information as it becomes available. Our broadcast may look and sound different as we remain committed to keeping our journalists and production crew safe and healthy. We are conducting interviews using video calls, capturing audio on cell phones while speaking with people from long distances and taking extra safety precautions to sanitize our equipment.

Many in our operation now work remotely. In our office, we have physically distanced staff to stick to the two-metre rule, and even installed plexiglass dividers between some work areas. They are all working harder than ever.

Maintaining our ability to provide information to our viewers and readers remains a priority. We will continue to make sure you are well informed as the coronavirus story evolves.

We also want to thank you for reaching out to us. You have emailed, called and stopped us out in the community – from a safe distance, of course – to express your appreciation for what we’re doing to stay on top of this story. It really does mean a lot.

Jeff Little is the director of news and public affairs for CTV Calgary.