LETHBRIDGE -- With COVID-19 putting a halt to any live performances, G.S. Lakie Middle School teacher Kristi Legge was forced to re-think their annual production.

For over a decade, staff and students at the Lethbridge school have worked tirelessly to put together a music and dance show involving students from Grade 6 through 8.

This year, with students in cohorts, they had to think outside the box.

"All middle school students in our Lethbridge school district are in one cohort this year so that's been challenging for sure," Legge told CTV News in an interview. "I wanted to start a project that brought them all together, virtually, so they could work towards one common goal and I think it did just that."

The 12 different cohorts spent their lunch hours and activity-breaks working on the project.

The end result? A 10-minute music video complete with bloopers of their efforts.

"I really enjoyed the video. I'm new to it. It's amazing what you can do just using a phone these days but I love being able to stop and retake. It was really fun," said Legge.

Legge said she chose Grease because it allowed everyone to go back to simpler times. The vintage car was donated by a local family and Save On Foods donated snacks for the premier parties - each cohort viewed the final product separately.

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Although their annual production looked different this year, Legge knows it was important to push ahead with a project that everyone could get involved in.

"The kids were excited to work together and I think it helped strengthen our community a little bit."

Although things are still up in the air for next school year, Legge is hopeful they'll be able to put on another live production soon.

"I think everyone is itching for some type of live performance. I know our music and drama program, lots of people, are chomping at the bit to get a live performance out to the community so fingers crossed.”

You can view the finished project on YouTube.