CALGARY – An organization devoted to stopping impaired driving is unveiling a new message meant to illustrate the real risks drivers take when they drink and then get behind the wheel.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving's 2019-2020 program is called Over the Edge. Students in Grades 7 to 12 will hear the message that highlights the dangers of impaired driving.

"So we break down what it means to be impaired, the different kinds of vehicles that they need to be thinking about in these circumstances as well as the substances that they need to be aware about so they can have an idea of what it categorizes to be impaired driving itself," said Brandon Radhay, MADD Canada. "Especially as they get older and as students go on to high school and get their licences becoming full time drivers, we want them to be aware of the dangers that can happen with being impaired when operating motor vehicles."

Road crashes are the leading cause of death among Canadian youth.

Alcohol and drugs are involved in more than half of the crashes.