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Camilla Di Giuseppe

Senior Anchor News at 1130

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Been with CTV Calgary: 2006

Career Highlights:

  • Covering the Great Blackout in 2003 on the Eastern seaboard
  • Flying in formation with the Snowbirds
  • SARS Stock, a concert held in July 2003 to help Toronto shed its image as a disease-ridden city after the SARS pandemic. It featured artists such as the Rolling Stones.
  • Anchoring and producing the Civic Long Weekend Wicked Weather (four tornados in one evening in Manitoba/Minnesota)
  • Anchoring and co-producing weather in June 2007 here in Calgary

Volunteer Connections in Calgary:

  • Salvation Army
  • I participate in a number of local runs for charitable causes

Education: Radio and Television Broadcasting Program, Seneca College

Favourite Place in Calgary: Anywhere where I can sit back and view the Rockies and the Calgary skyline


  • Working out
  • Running
  • Yoga
  • Guitar Hero, a newly acquired interest
  • Karaoke...yes karaoke!
  • Photography (ok, pointing and shooting my digital camera whenever and wherever, and passing it off as "documenting the experience")

Favourite Movies:

  • Zoolander
  • Dumb and Dumber
  • Transformers
  • Saving Private Ryan
  • Rocky I and the last one, Balboa

Favourite Music: I'm open to pretty much anything but I love Salsa, Merengue, Hip Hop, R&B, and 80's

Favourite TV Shows:

  • The Daily Show
  • Dead Like Me
  • Married with Children
  • Family Guy

Why I am a broadcaster: In just over five years I've worked in three different Canadian cities, four different stations, have interviewed numerous interesting and fascinating individuals, and covered some extraordinary events. News affects and impacts the communities we live in and it feels pretty special to know that you are part of that process.

About Me: I'm born to Italian and Ecuadorian parents. I am a vegetarian (a pescatarian to be exact) but I enjoy cooking exotic foods. Oh, and I also have a tubby tabby named Sasha.