The man who was found dead in a car in a northwest alley on Monday has been identified by family members as 42-year-old Duane Laybourne of Calgary.

Laybourne was found dead in a vehicle in Tuxedo Park around 9:30 a.m. and police say his death is suspicious.

The discovery of his body came just 12 hours after a bloody home invasion and shooting in the same area.

Relatives say Laybourne was a carpenter by trade and they are struggling to understand what happened.

Laybourne’s brother reached out to CTV News on Tuesday and shared some insight about his life.

His family says his girlfriend went to visit family on Vancouver Island and that Laybourne’s body was found in her vehicle.

She is now reportedly on her way back to Calgary.

Laybourne’s brother admits that Duane struggled for years with drug addiction and that he turned to drugs after a traumatic childhood.

His family is worried that he may have fallen back into old habits when his girlfriend left town but they say every indication is that it was not an overdose.

Police are remaining tight-lipped about the death and are not confirming a connection to the earlier home invasion that occurred less than a block away.

Laybourne was found dead in a blue Volkswagen which is the same type of vehicle neighbours say they saw fleeing the scene of the home invasion.

Police are not releasing the cause of death at this time and an autopsy is expected to be conducted on Tuesday.