Nearly one year after a Calgary man was shot to death, the police officer who pulled the trigger has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Corwin Peeace, 40, was shot four times on June 10, 2011 at a home in Erin Woods.

Police say when they arrived at the house, they found a man with a knife standing close to a young woman.

The officer who shot Peeace was familiar with him and had deployed a Taser on him a year earlier.

"I've concluded he acted lawfully when he discharged his weapon believing that the deceased may imminently cause serious injury or death to the female present at the entrance of the house," said Cliff Purvis from ASIRT.

Peeace's family told CTV News that the shooting was not justified even though police had been to the home before.

On Monday, The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team found otherwise.

"The investigation was thorough and we looked into the history of the deceased and the history of the police officer and tried to determine whether there's any links there. And I'm satisfied that that did not play a role in this," said Purvis.

ASIRT is responsible for investigating all police involved injury and death cases and says around 10 percent of its investigations result in charges being laid against officers.