A Calgary-based eatery celebrated a major milestone on Thursday, after it opened its centennial store in the same city where it started 20 years ago.

OPA! of Greece opened its first location in 1998 in Market Mall and now, the business opened its 100th Canadian location in Country Hills.

Dorrie Karras, the company’s CEO, says when they first started out, they only expected to open a few locations and enjoy a comfortable amount of success.

“We opened four or five locations within a year, including Chinook in Calgary. We had no idea we were going to reach 100 locations.”

The main concentration of stores is in Western Canada, but there are a number of locations in Ontario as well.

“In Calgary, where we started, there are 33 locations as of today,” he says. “We anticipate another five opening over the next month from B.C. all the way to Manitoba.”

He says the food is the main thing that keeps people coming back again and again, but that’s not the only reason.

“I think it’s also the customer service. The people behind the counters, having that connection with the customer.”

Karras hopes to celebrate the opening of their 200th location in a few years and says plans are already in the works to open stores south of the border too.

“I am excited to say we are going to be opening our first location in Las Vegas, Nevada right on the strip in the Fashion Show Mall. Anticipated opening is June 1.”

To celebrate the occasion, customers who visit the Country Hills location can enjoy a traditional Greek salad with a skewer of chicken souvlaki free of charge until the end of the day.