Hockey Calgary has now completed the preliminary study into a course geared towards teaching respect to parents of hockey-playing children.

Three years ago, Hockey Calgary announced a ‘Respect in Sport’ course for all parents and coaches connected to the organization.

It is aimed at encouraging positive behaviours from parents, children, coaches and referees while maintaining a safe environment for everyone involved.

The mandatory course required at least one parent from each household of hockey-playing children to obtain certification.

That certification is compulsory before kids can be enrolled in a Hockey Calgary program.

A Mount Royal researcher connected with the study says they had positive results from the study and a demand for more instruction.

"They wanted refreshers, or making it mandatory more than what it is now. They wanted a bigger integration into the program, into the cuture of minor hockey. And so, again, people are saying 'everyone should take it, anyone that enters the arena'. It should be done more than once, maybe not every year but maybe every other year."

The study may also change to make sure that both parents involved in hockey are required to take the course.