Premier Jason Kenney has unveiled his government's new initiative to counter what he calls ‘lies and misinformation’ about Alberta’s oil and gas industry.

Alberta’s ‘Energy War Room’ will be unveiled in Calgary on Friday. The $30 million communications piece of the new United Conservative government will be established as part of a campaign promise. 

Energy Minister Sonya Savage says the plan will target groups and individual critics of the oil industry. 

She added that the Alberta government is working on hiring the right people to form a team to fund lawsuits against what she calls offending environmentalists. 

Other environmental groups, like Greenpeace and the Pembina Institute, view Jason Kenney and his plan as examples of distorting the truth about the impact of the oilsands.

There are also calls for a public inquiry into the funding sources of non-profit environmental groups like the David Suzuki Foundation.